I‘m very comfortable sitting between the chairs of Design and Code. Switching back and forth between disciplines isn‘t hard for me and I truly believe that it brings big benefits to the work I‘m doing. But even if my work requires to stay within one discipline for a while, my broad knowledge and experience still helps to achieve the best results.

Hi, I‘m Jessica, a 34-year-old, talented and passionate so-called Unicorn.
Would you like some glitter?

Being T-Shaped since I learned Webdesign and Web Development on my own over two decades ago, I did my degree as Media Designer Digital & Print, specialised in Design and Development in 01.2013. I‘ve worked in multiple roles throughout my career, in angencies as well as product companies and corporations, among which UX / UI Designer, Visual Designer, Graphics Designer, UX Enigneer and Frontend Web Developer. That means I‘ve worked on lots of design, user, and coding problems and features that gives me a wide range of perspectives to ask the right questions and take the right actions.

I combine a big substantiated designer heart with pro HTML / CSS, some JS and solid Art and Illustration skills. One of my greatest strengths is to help agile teams achieve best results by filling the gap between Design and Development through communication, guidance and collaboration. Empathy and proactivity play a major role in this. With an agile, innovative and cross-linked mindset and working method, I can focus on a single as well as on multiple disciplines and with that, I never lose the overall picture. That ensures that the outcome of my work performs across all channels. For me, HTML & CSS is the delicate handicraft in the world of automation. I also always have an eye on consistency, resilience, semantics and a11y.

To give you two examples: My knowledge of Frontend Web Development benefits UX and / or UI design work, especially when it comes to accessibility, animation, grid systems, performance and RWD. With that I give Developers exactly what they need. My knowledge of UX and UI Design benefits the Frontend Web Development since I‘ll never lose the overall design aesthetics, the logic behind content modules, functions or the style guide. When the base is ready I can easily adapt design concepts into code without the need of screen designs.

I am not high-end specialised in UX theories and I’m certainly not a solid JS Developer. I‘m a Unicorn. I believe that I can enrich a team with my diverse skills and professional experience, no matter what position. My recent Job proves that, since I’m achieving great goals being a Unicorn doing Venture & Product Branding, CI/CD, UX/UI Design, Styleguide, Graphics, UI Mockups/Prototypes, Powerpoint Slides, Illustrations, Frontend Engineering (HTML & S/CSS + a tiny bit of JS, TypeScript, and Razor), Project Management, JIRA Board / Task Management, Code Reviews, and QA.

As an Illustrator & Artist, I want to improve myself with every art piece I create. Currently I focus on coloration. I love to work with different kinds of pens on paper and getting my fingers stained with all sorts of colour. I also really love to draw on my Wacom! Working with EVA Foam makes a lot of fun and getting my fingers burnt while working with Worbla does in fact hurt pretty much but I can’t get enough of it.

I’m different, sometimes weird and a geek. The colour of my hair is a science in itself. I don’t say no to nerfgun fights, lasertec or a games night on PlayStation or on the table. I’m a motorsports addict, a Trekkie, a Sci-Fi lover. I also love fat cats and memes.