I am Jessica

Currently at Level 31 of life, based in Germany. I’m a UX/UI Designer & Engineer. An Illustrator & Artist. I can also do print design stuff —yes, all that in one person.

I’m one of those so-called unicorns you’ve probably heard of.

In the web, being T-Shaped since I’ve made my first steps in this industry in 2002, I combine a big designer heart with pro HTML/CSS and art skills. I fill the gap between Designers and Developers.
I create designs and concepts that are good to code or livecode a page in no time for a Designer to illustrate the look and feel of an idea. For me, HTML & CSS is the delicate handicraft in the world of automation. I always have an eye on semantics, resilient code and a11y. Some people even say I’m doing magic.

As an Illustrator & Artist, I want to improve myself with every art piece I create. I love to work with different kinds of pens on paper and getting my fingers stained with all sorts of colour. I also really love to draw on my Wacom Cintiq 13HD! Getting my fingers burnt while working with Worbla does in fact hurt pretty much but I can’t get enough of it.

By studying Mediadesign, I have additional skills in print/editorial design. I’ve never professionally worked for a non-digital agency, but through some sideprojects these skills are broadly developed.

What else?

I’m different, sometimes weird and a geek. The colour of my hair is a science in itself. I don’t say no to nerfgun fights, lasertec or a gamesnight. I’m a motorsports addict, a Trekkie, a Sci-Fi lover. I also love fat cats and memes.