– Volunteering, Streetart and great people

This month on the 2nd I volunteered the first time at a conference.
It was the conference which is once a year in Cologne downtown Ehrenfeld on just one evening (6pm-10pm ish).

I helped putting stuff into the bathroom, placed some guideposts around, helped sponsors to build up their stands, drawed with chalk on the streets outside of the venue and did the registration together with @fredericmarx. That sounds lots of work for one day but it wasn’t really. The more hands, the less work for everyone. It was fun drawing on the streets.
The weather was perfect for it and people appreciated the work we (@derSchepp and me) have done. My fingers and clothes were all black at the end but thats okay. I’m an artist. Fingers have to be tainted..

When you volunteer at a conference you have the chance to attend some of the talks. I attended the last one, the talk from Stephen HayThe Back(side) of the Class.
It was a really good talk. I spammed twitter a lot during his talk, because Stephen just spoke right out of my heart.

After the talks were finished, the after party started. It was more talking than party but that’s why people stay after the talks were done.
I had a great chat with Stephen and Bruce Lawson (who was the MC that evening). These two men are two fine guys with lots of knowledge and style. I love to get in touch with people from the web who know what they do and think different :) People who you look up to.

When all the attendees and speakers went home, there was a little bit to tidy up and the day was done. It was a long day for me but it was worth it.

See some impressions here

It was a pleasure to meet you guys @helloanselm, @ixisio, @asciidisco, @herr_divad, @derSchepp, @rodneyrehm and @fredericmarx. And also met @marcthiele and @jkphl again :)

I think I will volunteer again at the nightlybuild next year. And maybe on other conferences too if I get the chance.



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