TecAlliance 2020 Automotive Report


I worked for TecAlliance, the leader in the automotive aftermarket industry, from 10.2019 to 03.2021.

I was the only designer working in this global company and was hired mainly for the rebranding and for applying the new brand design to print products, digital assets and graphics, and the website.

One of my projects was the new Automotive Report 2020 in which I worked very closely together with the colleagues in Maastricht, NL. The goal was to give the Report a completely new, fresh, and modern look with the new corporate font I chose (DIN Pro) and new colours.

I led multiple workshops in which I presented new Ideas and worked on new content together with the colleagues. I created illustrations, editorial template wireframe styleguide, and a new InDesign template from scratch, starting from a baseline and column grid to paragraph styles to csv Import for the country and region pages. Everyone who was involved in this project trusted me completely that the outcome will be more than expected. The result: A new fresh design with vibrant colours along with handcrafted typograpy-based layouts and an up-to-date automated InDesign template for the country & regions section. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Report wasn’t printed. It’s only available as pdf.

Another project was to make graphics templates for LinkedIn campaigns which are filled by the marketing colleagues. The challenge was to make it as easy as possible for unskilled users. That’s why I wrote template usage guidelines that explain in detail how to edit the templates.

Although TecAlliance was already partially appearing with the new style (but with the old logo), the official and complete rebranding and the creation of a new website were paused due to the corona pandemic in which I eventually left the company.

I worked in this project as Senior Visual Designer