Starting in 8.2018, I worked with the brand Chefkoch until 6.2019.

Holding the position of the Lead UX Engineer in a SCRUM Team of 8 members,I filled the gap between Fullstack Devs and Designers. I was in charge for the development of a qualitative frontend to improve the design and performance of the search and recipe pages. I also developed a new Chefkoch Design System ( that’s well documented and easy to understand.

My position as UX Engineer not only included coding frontend, it also included working on UX concepts together with the Team Product Designer enhancing the layout to ensure usability and consistency, working together with Brand Designers to evaluate concepts and also making sure everything meets accessibility requirements. Furthermore I attended various meetings to give appreciated “not-brand-blinded” input to work with.

“Jessica is one of our best external team members of the past years.”