Welcome to space

You have entered a little galaxy called jessman5.com.

I’m Lieutenant Commander Jessman5, born on Stardate -324522,4 in the Omicron Theta System with the name of Jessica. Aside from being different, weird and a fuckin’ nerd, I’m also a Web Designer / UX-Engineer, an Artist and kind of an Illustrator.

I make websites since I was 13 years old and I believe that it’s my vocation being a web designer and developer in one person. This is why I have completed a dual apprenticeship as Media- / Web & Interface Designer including some coding. Creating concepts and designs for websites and bring them to life with code is what I really want to do and love.

Lt. Comdr. Jessman5


  • Captain ••••
    • HTML / HTML5
    • CSS3 / SASS
    • Web Design
  • Commander •••
    • RWD
    • Wordpress
  • Lieutenant ••
    • SEO
    • jQuery
  • Ensign
    • PHP
  • Traditional Art ★★★★★
  • Illustration ★★★★★
  • Flyer / Poster ★★★
  • Custom Shoes ★★★★

Weapons of choice

  • Jessman5: 'I choose you, Photoshop!' Photoshop
  • Jessman5: 'I choose you, Illustrator!' Illustrator
  • Jessman5: 'I choose you, InDesign!' InDesign
  • Jessman5: 'I choose you, HTML5!' HTML5
  • Jessman5: 'I choose you, CSS3!' CSS3
  • Jessman5: 'I choose you, SASS!' SASS
  • Jessman5: 'I choose you, jQuery!' jQuery
  • Jessman5: 'I choose you, Wordpress!' Wordpress

About the Commander

My personal principles in working for the web

  • Scribble every idea out of your head. Every. single. one.
  • Leave Photoshop alone if you don’t have a concept.
    Pen and paper first.
  • No work without input. Content is King.
  • Make Wireframes and show them to the customer.
  • Designing in the Browser. Use CSS3 instead of images.
  • A website doesn’t have to look exactly the same in every Browser.
  • Break up with IE8 and below!
  • No fixed-width layouts. Make it responsive, stoopid!
  • Never use images for text. Ever!
  • Never take that bottom line from a link in copy text.
  • Never make copy text smaller than 14px on Desktop. Prefer 18/20px. Or even bigger.
  • Make your website accessible for everyone, consider the BITV Guidelines.
  • Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Me likey

  • Art Art
  • Astronomy Astronomy
  • Carnival Carnival
  • Cars Cars
  • Dancing Dancing
  • Minecraft Minecraft
  • Motorsports Motorsports
  • Nailpolish Nailpolish
  • SciFi SciFi
  • Star Trek Star Trek
Lt. Comdr. Jessman5
  • Aim-Oriented
  • Ambitious
  • Attentive
  • Autonomous
  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Responsible
  • Versed

Experience & Stations

  • denkwerk GmbH

    Cologne, DE 2017/06 - now
    Frontend Web development Specialist | UX-Engineer | Designer in crime :: UX-Design (in crime)
    :: Mockup. HTML/5. CSS3/SASS. jQuery/JS. CMS. Twig. BITV. SEO. Responsive Web. Grunt. git.
  • webfactory GmbH

    Bonn, DE 2015/06 - 2017/06
    Web Designer | UX-Engineer :: Concept. Layout. Illustration.
    :: Mockup. HTML/5. CSS3/SASS. jQuery. CMS. Twig. BITV. SEO. Responsive Web. Gulp. hg. git.
    :: Customer service. Project Management.
  • dieTaikonauten GmbH & Co. KG

    Berlin, DE 2014/07 - 2015/05
    Frontend Web Developer :: HTML/5. CSS3/SASS. jQuery. WordPress. PHP. SEO. Responsive Web. Grunt. git.
    :: Customer service. Project Management. Apprentice Support.
  • n/a

    Berlin, DE 2013/09 - 2014/06
    Web Designer | Frontend Web Developer :: Concept. Layout.
    :: HTML/5. CSS3. jQuery. WordPress.
    :: Customer service.
  • Oxford and Chervell Valley College

    Banbury, UK 2011/02 - 2011/03
    Graphic Design Internship EU-Program Leonardo-da-Vinci.
    Conception, design and production of a city night guide for my hometown.
  • webfactory GmbH

    Bonn, DE 2010/08 - 2013/01
    Dual Apprenticeship as Media Designer Digital & Print – Design & Technology / Web & Interface Design :: Concept. Layout. Illustration.
    :: Mockup. HTML/5. CSS3/SASS. BITV2.0. Responsive Web. CMS. Grunt. hg. HTML Newsletter.
    :: Customer service. Project Management.
  • Fast-Media Agency

    DE 2008/08 - 2011/09
    Freelance Web Designer & Layouter :: Concept. Layout. Picture editing. Print Press kits.
  • cmv-sportmedia

    Eitorf, DE 2007/07 - 2008/04
    Apprenticeship Media Design :: Concept. Layout. Picture editing.
    :: xHTML. CSS. WordPress.
    :: Motorsports photography. Public Relations.